Vivo Pilates Bristol

Body Control Pilates with Beth Knight

Regain lost flexibility
Tone your body
Strengthen your core
For all ages and levels

The essence of Pilates is to improve posture and restore normal, natural movement through precise specialised exercises to give a leaner, stronger and more flexible body.

The beauty of the Pilates method is that it lends itself to all levels of physical fitness and to all ages.  Beth Knight offers small friendly Pilates classes and one to one sessions in Henleaze and Redland that are tailored to individual needs and capabilities.

Improved strength
Better posture
A stronger, healthier back
A more toned and mobile body
More supple and flexible joints
A longer leaner look
A flatter stomach
A sense of fitness and well-being
  • “Thank you Beth for helping me return to exercise after childbirth.  I’d lost my body confidence and you helped me regain it through your classes, which were not only successful but also really enjoyable!  I now walk taller and feel stronger, both physically and mentally”

  • “I always feel better after your classes ~ stretched and relaxed.”

  • “Having been a sceptical about this type of exercise before, and during the first couple of sessions, I am now a complete convert.  I have improved my flexibility and am simply more comfortable in my everyday activities.  There is an easy atmosphere and I enjoy the clarity and depth of instruction.”

  • “I have found Beth’s Pilates classes to be both very enjoyable, and beneficial for my health and general well-being.  When I started Pilates six months ago, I had been suffering from constant back pain for seven years, and now I am almost always totally free of that pain, so it has made a big difference to my life.  I have also found the classes to be friendly and fun, and Beth to be an excellent teacher and a very nice person.”

  • “Having attended her classes for over a year I have no hesitation in recommending Beth as a Pilates teacher.  Her classes are both factual and precise and I always leave the class feeling free of tension and energised, with improved posture and core strength.”

  • “Beth is a brilliant and sympathetic Pilates instructor and makes each session most rewarding and enjoyable.”